Fisherman’s Sculpture and Zušuciems Park in Engure


The Zušuciems Park is formed of several sculptures, installations and objects depicting the route that eels take to travel from the sea to the creel basket. An impressive fisherman’s sculpture is set up here, including a creel basket, boats and other objects. In three boulders that were brought here from the area of Slampe, all endemic fish species of Latvia can be seen. A river of rocks is created, to which anybody can contribute by bringing pebbles and stones from their garden. The park is illuminated and has benches and beautiful flower beds.

The authors of the project Elīna Vojevoda and Gaits Burvis tell about the park: “In principle, we have created a park, which starts at the main road, inviting people, passers-by to stop at the park to see educational and informative objects. There will be a place called the Sargasso Sea, where, near the Bermuda Islands, all eels of the world are born. They have a genetic code, and the eels know that they must return to Engure.”

Contact information

Jūras St. 85, Engure, Tukums region