Memorial Site to Victims of Holocaust in Kandava


Along with the Nazi occupation, restriction of Jews was started in Kandava in July 1941. Jews were driven away to the outskirts — the area of “Dimžas” farm. Mass killings took place in August, when all Jews were gathered in the Kandava synagogue, from where they were taken to the Elki forest and shot. A total of 68 Jews.

During the Soviet times, a monument was set up at the place of killings in the Elki forest — three boulders with an inscription “568 fašisma upuri. 1941. gads” (568 victims of Fascists. Year 1941). The monument was damaged in 2005 during forest logging. In 2007, the Latvian Council of Jewish Congregations and Communities, with financial support of the European Union and the State of Latvia, set up a new monument at the place of killings, bearing an inscription “Šajā mežā 1941.gada jūlijā nacisti un viņu atbalstītāji noslepkavoja Kandavas ebrejus” (In this forest, in July 1941, Nazis and their supporters killed the Jews of Kandava).

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Kandava parish, Tukums region