Forest House (Meža māja)


The park centre is located in Ķemeri, in the “Forest House” at the administration and information centre of ĶNP. The history of the “Tree House” dates back to the summer of 1933, when in the newly constructed building, a centre for sports and recreation (arch. Fridrihs Skujiņš) was opened, pleasing the visitors with “a exemplary shooting range, various American sport type apparatus, ping-pong, bowling alley, billiards, chess and bridge premises, good beer, delicious tea and coffee”. Later the sport centre was changed into a restaurant “Fun mosquito”, which was operating up until World War II and offered fine meals for the resort guests, and the dinner entertainment included dancing and cabaret. During the Soviet era, it hosted a children’s sanatorium. Now, it is the ĶNP administration and information centre, as well as Nature School organizing various events of nature education activities.

Contact information

"Meža māja", Ķemeri, Jūrmala


(+371) 67730078, 26424972