Medieval feast in Jaunpils


The tavern has been long known for its medieval feasts that are not merely a meal, but a true adventure enjoyed with friends, family and colleagues in a medieval ambience. It is particularly liked by groups of Latvians and foreign visitors. The meal is very special — it must be eaten from wooden spoons and by hands. Everybody can choose the most suitable medieval meal: the feast of a Baron, a Monk, Medieval feast, Medieval children’s meal, Servants’ and Little Monk’s feast. To prepare the meals using the old recipes, the medieval feast must be requested at least two days in advance.

Entry fee

The cost of the medieval feast depending on the selected meal programme is 7–54 EUR/pers, for children (the meal of little monks) 7 EUR/pers.

Contact information

"Pils krogs", Jaunpils Castle, Jaunpils, Tukums region

Working time

P. - Sv. 10:00-20:00
The medieval feasts must be requested at least two days in advance.


(+371) 63162165, 28338860