Jaunpils Lutheran Church


Construction of Jaunpils Lutheran Churchstarted in year 1592, which is witnessed by the number carved into a metal plate, and it is one of the first churches built in the Duchy of Kurzeme. The tower was constructed in year 1750. The church was reconstructed and expanded in year 1849 and 1854. The altar in the church and the pulpit are both worth mentioning as examples of typical mannerism style. The church bell was made in year 1760 and it was cast by the German master E.Fr.Fechter, right here – in the Duchy of Kurzeme. From the heights of the church tower, a beautiful view opens to the centre of cultural history of Jaunpils and its surroundings.

Contact information

Jaunpils, Jaunpils parish, Tukums region


(+371) 29299694, 29162642