Irlava Red Cross Hospital


The oldest rural hospital, established in 1850, is operating in the Irlava, municipality of Tukums. Very shortly, it will mark its 170 anniversary. Over time, good medics have been improving the good reputation of the Irlava Hospital.

From 1928, the hospital expanded its operations, marking a continuously growing influx of patients, including therapeutic, surgical patients and women in labour. In the post war period, the total number of beds reached 120, and it remained unchanged in the first five post war years.

Today, Irlava Red Cross Hospital is a small medical establishment with 45 patient beds. In 2018, the establishment was focusing on the provision of high quality competitive services, by purposefully developing social and palliative care, especially for the elderly patients.

The hospital is noteworthy not only with its unique history of treatment — in the post war years it was named the largest and best arranged rural hospital —, but also with its art, because the creation of “Irlava collection” deserves a mention, along with the Irlava art museum, which in 1940-ties was the only rural art museum. It must be pointed out that the first exhibitions of the collection took place right there at the doctorate house, and they were organised by a legendary individual acting not only in capacity of an outstanding surgeon and the head of the Irlava Hospital Krišjānis Katlaps (1892–1964), but also in community context — he participated in nearly all of the most important events of public life of Irlava.

In the halls of the hospital, today you can see paintings from the collection, while in the territory of the hospital, there is a monument dedicated to K. Katlaps, as well as a gazebo and the former doctorate building, now housing the social care centre “Mežrozītes”.

Contact information

"Irlavas sarkanā krusta slimnīca", Irlava, Irlavas parish, Tukums region


(+371) 63154837, 26484446