City Stories | Celebration of the November 18th Tukums

We can find the first major celebrations of the November 18th as national holiday in Tukums in local newspapers from 1920 onwards.

Most of them have happened according to one scenario: at 8 am bell church bells and coral in the tower of Tukums Evangelical Lutheran Church are played by guard orchestra, then at 9.15 a memorial service is held in the Brother Cemetery with a wreath laying. At 10 am the city board begins its solemn meeting with representatives of institutions, organizations and the public. At 11 am - Formal festive services in all churches.

At 12.30 - Parade in the Market Square with the participation of guards, firefighters, school students and public organizations. At 5 pm, the festive lights are lit - candles are lit in the windows of the houses, but the buildings outside are illuminated.

In the evening, residents listen to the President's speech on radio. At 6 pm there will be a solemn event and a festive performance at the Hospitality Society House, followed by a ball.


Source: Tukums Town History Museum "Pils tornis". Photography - Celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Latvian state in Tukums, Market Square. 1923. Photo by Ž.Bergs. TMNM 37906