The Rose Festival on 21–23 July will undoubtedly be among the most anticipated events in Tukums this summer for the townspeople and guests alike. The programme promises to be diverse, while preserving the traditions of the Rose Festival and offering something new.

The patroness of this year’s festival will be the honorary citizen of Tukums, the poet Māra Zālīte, and the honorary hostess — the florist Anita Stikāne. This year’s guests of honour will be rose growers Daila and Bruno Trubiņš from Tukums, who plan to present the town with a special Tukums rose during the festival.

In the programme below you can see the timings and venues of events.

Opening events of the festival

Thursday, 20 July

19:00-20:30       Concert “MEETING AGAIN IN TUKUMS” 

Music by violinist Aija Rēķe and pianist Elīna Strence. Admission with a museum ticket (adults — EUR 2.50; pupils, students, senior citizens and people with disabilities — EUR 1.50; people with disabilities who are residents at the Tukums municipality — free)

Friday, 21 July

Basketball demonstration games


18:45    Second game: SINGERS / DANCERS


20:15    Fourth game: BK JAUNPILS / BK BRĪVSOLIS

21:00    Final game: BS TUKUMS / BK KANDAVA/ANZĀĢE

Free admission

18:00-21:00       Concert “ZELTA ZIŅĢE TUKUMĀ” at Durbe Stage

Singing and music performances by Jānis Kirmuška, Jānis Paukštello, Viktors Zemgals, Anita Ozola, sisters Legzdiņas, Žoržs Siksna, Elita Strazdiņa, Lolita Kante, Ainars Bumbieris and Heinrihs Kalvītis; bands: “Mūzikas kolekcija”, “Uz Rietumiem”, “Pipari”, Sandris Sproģis and “Jūras zaķi”. Free admission

20:00-01:00       Exhibition-performance “ROŽU GAISMAS DĀRZS” (ROSE LIGHT GARDEN) at the Tukums Lutheran Church

20:00 – Opening of the flower, light and music exhibition-installation alongside the 45th anniversary concert of the choir VANEMA — “Ziedu mežs” (The Forest of Flowers). On Friday, the exhibition will be open to visitors until 01:00. Opening hours on the following days: Saturday 10:00–01:00, Sunday 10:00–20:00. Free admission.

21:00-03:00       Festive party at Durbe Stage

Performances by bands “Klaidonis” and “Pipari”. Free admission.


A walking route for a Friday evening in the town, including 8 stops for an insight into the origins and values of the Rose Festival.

Saturday, 22 July - the main day of the Festival

Rose Square Romantic Stage at Brīvības Square

10:00  Weaving the first rose into the wreath

The weaving of the first rose will be accompanied by the Andrychów Brass Band (Poland), the Khoni dance group “Eriseuli” (Georgia) and the vocal ensemble “Kansoneta” from Tume. The highlight of this year’s festival will be the presentation of the special Tukums rose, which will be taken care of by the guests of honour – Daila and Bruno Trubiņš.

11:00 -13:30      Children’s programme

The children’s programme will be presented by the Tukums children’s vocal studios “Varavīksne”, “Pifa piedzīvojumi” and “Pasaku nams” with concert programmes, performances, fun activities and games.

13:30-18:00       Romantic mood programme

The romantic programme performances will be on stage throughout the day. At 13:30, a performance by the dance group “Eriseuli” from Tukums’ sister city Khoni in Georgia. AT 14:00          a performance by Mārtiņš Balodis, 15:00 - a duet by Jānis and Signe, 16:00 - Toms Auza, and at 17:00 - Roberts Baumanis and Inese Pētersone.

18:00    Finishing the rose wreath and “fireworks” of rose petals

The rose wreath will be completed with the symbolic insertion of the last rose flower, followed by the “fireworks” of rose petals, in which everyone is invited to participate.

18:10-18:30 Dance games

A short musical intermission before welcoming and honouring the participants of the parade “The rose cart through the times”.

18:30-19:30       Festive parade “THE ROSE CART THROUGH THE TIMES”

The parade will start as always from Talsu and Šēseles Streets and will move along Brīvības Square and Lielā Street and finish at Pauzers Meadow by the big stage.

21:00-22:00       Band “Atlanti”

Evening concert at Brīvības Square, featuring a local Roma band “Atlanti”.

22:00-03.00       The rose ball with “Lustīgais blumīzers”

The event is hosted by actor Mārtiņš Počs from Tukums until the evening.

"Rose Picnic" Festival Stage in Pauzers Meadows

12:00    Green Trial cycling show

13:00    “Citi zēni”

14:30       Normunds Rutulis with band

16:30    “Zelta kniede”

19:30    Programme “Mana dziesma Latvijai” (My song for Latvia)

Latvian singing actors Ilze Ķuzule-Skrastiņa and Jānis Paukštello, as well as musicians Jānis Buķelis and Marts Kristiāns Kalniņš will perform on stage.

20:45    Toms Grēviņš

21:30    Laima Vaikule

23:30    “Mazais Princis”

01:00    “Very Cool People” and Aija Andrejeva

02:00    Toms Grēviņš

Night dances until 04:00. Uģis Joksts will host the stage until the evening.

Artists’ Street of the Rose Festival

Once a year, Harmonijas Street in Tukums transforms into the Artists’ Street. From the art workshop “Antīks” to the Tukums Art Museum — this year’s Rose Festival will also offer the opportunity to enjoy art actively and passively, by engaging and observing, listening and discussing.

AT THE ART WORKSHOP “ANTĪKS” (1 Harmonijas Street)

11:00-16:00 Exhibition-sale of works by Tukums Artists Group and an exhibition of works by the studio “Krāsmute”

11:00-16:00 Creative workshops: fabric printing, puppets, jewellery, ocarinas and plasticine paintings

11:00-12:00 A concert by “Lavrix Band”

12:00 Fashion show “Vēstures elpa 770” (“Breath of History 770”)

13:00-14:00 A concert by "Fonoplane"

12:00-13:00 A concert by “Lavrix Band”

13:30-14:00 Performance “Rožu mistērija” (“Mystery of the Rose”)

15:00 Performance “Rožu mistērija” (“Mystery of the Rose”)

15:00-16:00 A concert by “Lavrix Band”

Free admission. A small fee might be charged for some creative workshops.


11:00-16:00 Tukums Art Museum presents the exhibition “Nature and Chance in the Paintings of Ansis Artums” – a tribute to the artist’s 115th anniversary.

11:00-16:00 A herbal mat-weaving workshop will be held at the museum under the guidance of the Tukums Weavers’ Workshop and TLMS “Durbe”.

At 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 Hand puppet shows, Fairy-tale games and a toy-making workshop led by the Džūkste Fairy-Tale Museum.

Free admission to the museum and participation in the activities.

“AIZVĀKU FERMENTĀCIJA” in the yard of “Tukku Magi”

“Aizvāku fermentācija” will be an extraordinary entry into the world of literature through a wide range of creative expressions. Literature will speak to you in a seemingly tangible way, everyone will be able to listen to it, conjure it up in your imagination and even sing it, as well as learn behind the scenes of how novels are written.

11:00-18:00       “Literary stage”

11:00-12:00       Unveiling of “Aizvāku fermentācija” with poetry and prose readings, études performed by actors, improvisation

12:00-13:30       Behind the cover - Motor Sport Romance | Dace Vīgante on the novel “Romantiķis”

13:30-15:00       Behind the cover - Princesses of Courland | Ingūna Bauere on historical novels

15:00-16:00 Behind the Cover - the Criminal World | Guntis Tālers on detective novels

16:00-18:00 Public première of the documentary “Es esmu runājus” (“I Have Spoken”) | A film about the 104-year-old actress Elvīra Baldiņa and a conversation with the director Virdžīnija Lejiņa

11:00-18:00       “Musical stage”

12:00-12:40       Dāvids and friends

13:00-13:45       Amanda Krauja

14:00-14:45       “Noskaņa” (“Mood”) | Theatre and film music

15:00-15:45       “Slepenās harmonijas” (“Secret harmonies”) | Songs of strength

16:00-18:00       Theatre and film music for ambience

In between — improvisation by actors with poetry, prose and drama

11:00-16:00       “Parallel stage”

11:00-16:00       Creative stage or “free mic” with readings, writing stories and lullabies, working on a typewriter, games about literature, etc.

11:00-17:00       Workshops: bookmark-making, book cover workshop, illustration plein-air

11:00-16:00       Films presented by the Tukums Literary Association

Free admission.

The Main Festival Day elsewhere in the town

9:30-11:00         “Baltais” orchestra waking up the townspeople

Orchestra “Baltais” beloved by the locals will once again wake up the citizens of Tukums and invite everyone to celebrate the Rose Festival from the very morning by visiting various neighbourhoods of the city.

10:00-16:00       Plant and Crafts Fair

On Saturday, the traditional Rose Festival Market will take place. In the vicinity of Brīvības Square, in the surrounding streets, the Crafts Fair will once again take place with more than 200 invited traders, craftsmen and home producers. The participants of the Plant Fair will set up stalls in the vicinity of the Tukums Ev. Lutheran Church, so that every visitor can leave the festival with a new plant in their shopping bag.

10:00-18:00       Campaign “Donate a rose to Tukums”

The donation tent in Brīvības Square will invite you to donate rose plants for a new rose bed in Tukums. Starting price of the donation – EUR 10 EUR per plant.

11:00-13:00       Exhibition and workshop of the society “Ligzda”

An exhibition of creative works by people from Tukums will be on display at the creative workshop “Ligzda” at 13 Brīvības Square (2nd floor). There will also be a workshop for children “Puķītes rozītes” (“Rose flowers”). Free admission and activities.

23 July – Festival Sunday

All day BIG ROSE WREATH at Brīvības Square

10:00-20:00       Exhibition-performance “ROŽU GAISMAS DĀRZS” (ROSE LIGHT GARDEN) at the Tukums Ev. Lutheran Church

Free admission.

11:00-17:00       Garden festival “Colourful Picnic” at Jaunmokas Manor Park

11:00-17:00       Crafts and home producers’ fair

13:00-17:00       Festival activities: Elita Patmalniece’s studio, colourful wonders with Dace and Enrico Pecolli, music by the Raitis Ašmanis Quintet, art exhibitions and creative activities, a talk about the manor garden and the energy of trees, museum activities, etc.

Free admission, car parking EUR 2. 50% discount on entrance tickets to Jaunmokas Palace Museum.

17:00-18:00       Festival closing concert in TUKUMS

Kārlis Kazāks and Anete Kozlovska will sing and play at the closing concert in Tukums Lutheran Church. Free admission.

18:00    Festival closing concert on the GARDEN TERRACE OF JAUNMOKAS MANOR

The closing concert in the garden of Jaunmokas Manor will feature music by Mārcis Auziņš and Aija Vītoliņa. The concert will be a musical journey through the world’s countries, various languages and genres — from “Carmen” in Spain to “Champs Élysées” in France, from “Ķiršu lietus” in Latvia to “Maria de Buenos Aires” in Argentina.

Concert admission: EUR 15 for adults, holders of Latvian families of honour – EUR 10, children from the age 7 years – EUR 5, children of pre-school age – free admission. Tickets can be purchased on-line at jaunmokupils.lv and at “Biļešu paradīze” ticket offices.


Visiting ornamental gardens in the vicinity of Tukums during the Rose Festival

In continuation of rose cultivation traditions and honouring the fame of Tukums as the town of roses, nearly 20 beds of roses are set up all around the town, where you can admire the widest range of varieties. Rose plants are gifted by local residents and businesses, as well as obtained during the traditional Rose Festival campaign “Give a gift of a rose to the town”. The Pils Street has turned into a Rose Street of sorts, because in the summer time, large rose pots stand guard of every building, as if guarding the beauty of the town.

Meanwhile, in Tukums — the town of roses — both in the summer and autumn, you can get familiar with and enjoy the scents of the special Route of Roses, and there are a number of collections or demonstration gardens around the town. Some of these will be welcoming guests during the Rose Festival, too.

Rose garden “Rozītes” in Sēme rural municipality

Besides the large rose collection, the garden also features a coniferous and deciduous tree collection, perennials and summer flowers. Plant sale.

Admission: EUR 3, children up to 12 years of age go – free. Please arrange the visit in advance.Address: “Rozītes”, Sēme rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Tel.: 26469604, www.dailasrozes.lv

Decorative garden of Dace Lukševica in Tukums

An example of an easy-maintenance and economical garden with an extensive collection of hostas, as well as veronicas and other perennials.

Admission: EUR 4, children up to 12 years of age go – free. Please arrange the visit in advance.Address: Lejas iela 1, Tukums. Tel.: 29177195, www.skaistiedarzi.lv

Ornamental garden of Ligita Čukure in Engure

The ornamental garden has many exotic trees and shrubs. A place with lovely nooks and crannies to enjoy the nature around you and the marine air of the nearby sea.

Admission: EUR 3, children up to 12 years of age go – free. Please arrange the visit in advance.Address: Jūras Street 59, Engure, Engure rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Tel.: 29424424

Hydrangea garden “Celmu pasaules” at Smārde rural municipality

At the hydrangea garden created by the owner Ineta Rudzīte you can see hydrangeas of all sizes and species, both shrubby and woody, snow-white and soft pink flowers and cones. There will also be a hydrangea avenue and floral landscape compositions. Plant sale.

Free admission. No prior arrangements needed. Address: “Celmi”, Smārde rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Tel.: 29150122, www.facebook.com/Celmupasaule

Garden of Jānis Auziņš “Hederas” in Tume rural municipality

A picturesque ornamental tree garden with extensive beds, ponds, streams, bridges and walled garden features.

Admission – donations. The visit must be arranged in advance. Address: “Hederas”, Tume rural municipality, Tukums municipality. Tel.: 26434558


Visiting the museums of Tukums

During the Rose Festival, we invite you to visit all museums in Tukums to get familiar with the rich cultural heritage of Tukums municipality! What’s on in museums these days?

  • Exhibition “Skanēs dziesma, dzīvos tauta!” (The nation will persist while the songs are sung!) At Tukums Castle tower
  • Exhibition “Nature and chance in paintings of Ansis Artums” at the Tukums Art Museum
  • Exhibition “KOPĀ” (TOGETHER) – paintings by Kārlis Siliņš and textiles by Ruta Linīte at the Art Gallery “Durvis”
  • Exhibition “Residents of Tukums for the Song and Dance Festival” at the Tukums Weavers’ Workshop
  • Exhibition “The allure of a blue and white world. English faïence in Latvian museums and private collections” at Durbe Manor
  • Tukums Museum 85th Anniversary Exhibition “ARTEFACTUM” at Durbe Manor
  • Exposition “Rainis and Tukums” at Durbe Manor
  • Exposition “Historic interior design of Durbe Manor” at Durbe Manor

Admission during the festival:Friday and Sunday 21 and 23 July, admission with a museum ticket, Saturday 22 July, free admission. More information about opening times and entrance tickets - http://tukumamuzejs.lv/lv .


Organisers and friends of the festival

The festival is organised by Tukums Municipality together with Tukums Culture Centre and Tukums Tourism Information Centre.

Partners: florist workshop “Ziedu laiva”, florist school "A-Ž", florist master-workshop “Grieta”, Bulduri Technical School, Agra Maulāne and her team, Anita Stikāne and flower salon “Amarants”, Latvian schlager music channel, “Zelta ziņģe”, Tukums Museum, Tukums Lutheran Church, Tukums TIC, Tukums Literary Association, Tukums Artists Association, Tukums NGO Association and NGOs, Tukums Sports School, Tukums Ice Hall, Jaunmokas Manor, Tukums sister city Khoni (Georgia) and Andrychów (Poland) groups, and volunteers of Tukums town and district residents

Sponsored by: Advertex Latvia, Baltais (Tukuma piens), Ceļu emulsija, Dekšņi, InterBaltija, Kafe Terase, Konteineru serviss, Mana aptieka, Neatkarīgās Tukuma Ziņas, TELMS, TOP shops.

See you at the Rose Festival!



* Programme subject to changes.

** Photography and filming will take place during the event.

*** By attending the event, you agree to the taking and use of photos and videos for the promotion and marketing of the Rose Festival and the cultural offer of Tukums Municipality. You have the right to object to you or your child being photographed or filmed by giving a notice at the time of photography and filming.

**** If you require assistance during the festival:

       - Municipal Police – 18 Pils Street, Tukums. Tel. 8881

       - Emergency medical services – Tukums Hospital, 8 Raudas Street, tel. 113