In the Middle of July Welcome to the Rose Festival in Tukums!

We are approaching one of this summer’s most colourful and looked-forward events in Tukums – Rose Festival. The Festival’s program promises diversity and, keeping the Rose Festival’s characteristic traditions, offers also something new.

Rose Festival in Tukums is one of most unusual festivals in Latvia, and are based on the praising of a rose blossom and gardens. In 2018, the leitmotif of the Festival was Latvia’s 100th birthday, but this year the Festival will be dedicated to the city of Tukums, because its motto is: “Dream about the Rose for Tukums”.

In the Heart of All – a Rose Blossom

If you asked anybody in Latvia, what first comes to mind in connection with the Rose Festival in Tukums, those familiar with it will mention the great rose wreath. This year also it will be created on Saturday, July 22, in the very centre of the city – in Brīvības Square, transforming it into a real Rose Square. Each Festival visitor will be able to take part in the wreath’s creation, bringing with them a rose blossom and fastening it to jointly created wreath. In 2018, the wreath was decorated with an unusual dedication to the 100th anniversary of Latvia – the flag of Latvia, made of flowers, but 2021 Festival can boast the largest at present rose wreath – made from 6340 blossoms, that became the brightest wreath mong all – it shone like Sun in the centre of the city, as a great piece of amber in Brīvības Square. What will be the look and size of the wreath in 2023, we will find out after the Festival.

Flower lovers will be delighted also by some other event. In Tukums ev. Lutheran Church, each Festival visitor will be surprised by the “Rose Light Garden” – an unusual exhibition, installation, performance, with sweet flowers’ scents and colours, charming and exquisite florist’s masterpieces, complemented with wonderful light and music plays. The opening of this unusual garden will take place in Friday, July 21, evening, together with the choir “Vanema”, which celebrates it’s 45th anniversary this year and will delight listeners with a new concert program “Flower Forest”, interwoven with flower motifs.

Garden and flower lovers, are invited, especially during the Festival, but also before and after it, to visit the collection gardens and decorative gardens in the vicinity of Tukums. Traditionally all guests will be welcome during the Festival in the largest rose garden “Rozītes” in Sēme rural district, inviting to spend some time outdoors among flowers, have a nice rest and enjoy the beauty of nature, and also maybe bring home a new little flower seedling. Although the decorative garden of Ligita Čukure in Engure is more well-known under the name “Magnolia Garden in Engure”, it is certainly worth visiting, because after the blossoming of magnolias in spring, in summer everyone will be delighted by the blossoming of beautiful English roses collection. But the collector und selectionist of bulbous flowers Laimonis Zaķis near Kandava invites to visit his “Iris Garden” right when these flowers are in full bloom, and the decorative garden of Dace Lukševica in Tukums will be a surprise for those already familiar with, or just opposite – not yet familiar with the diverse beauty of hosts. Rose Festival also coincides with the height of blossoming of hydrangeas, whose beauty we invite you to visit in the plant nursery “Celmu pasaule” that is situated in the half-way between Durbe Castle and Smārde. More info about the collection gardens and decorative gardens you can read here.

If this summer will not be too hot, Tukums will offer also the special “Rose Walking Trail”, with different rose beds and their stories. In Tukums city greenery now are blossoming about 4 thousand rose blossoms. Many flower beds have been created, thanks to the Rose Festivals, during which the city inhabitants have taken part in the campaign “Give a Rose Plant to Tukums”. But some flower beds are a gift to the city from local businessmen. More info about the walking trail read here.

Festive Concerts in Rožu Square and “Rose Picnic”

An important part of the Festival, of course will be concerts. Already before the Festival – in the evening of Thursday, July 20, we invite you to the classical music concert in Durbe castle that will be played by a guest from America and former inhabitant of Tukums Aija Rēķe, but on Friday, July 21 night everybody welcome to “Zelta Ziņģi Tukumā” on Durbe outdoor stage with the participation of well-known Musicians in Latvia: Jānis Kirmuška, Jānis Paukštello, Viktors Zemgals, Anita Ozola, “Pipari”, Sisters Legzdiņas, “Mūzikas kolekcija”, Dainis Lagzdiņš, Henrihs Kalvītis and Elita Strazdiņa, Lolita Kante, “Uz Rietumiem”, Sandris Sproģis, “Jūras zaķi”, Ainārs Bumbieris. After the concert festive dances will be played by bands “Klaidonis” and “Pipari”.

On Saturday, July 22, the Festival will take place in two venues. Romantics will be welcome in “Rose Square” in the centre of the city, to enjoy milder rhythms and the beauty of flowers, and to Pauzera Meadows – to “Rose Picnic” at the Great Stage. All day long different musicians will play and sing on this stage “Very Cool People” and Aija Andrejeva, “Citi zēni”, Normunds Rutulis, “Zelta kniede”, “Mazais princis”, as well as the program “My Song for Latvia” with the public’s favourite actors – Ilze Ķuzule-Skrastiņa, Jānis Paukštello, singer Marts Kristians Kalniņš and Jānis Buķelis. The great stage will be shared also by amateur artist collectives from the friendship cities– Andrihov (Poland) brass orchestra with its concert program and Khoni (Georgia) dancers, but in the evening the star of the great stage will be the singer Laima Vaikule with her concert program and accompanying group, but during pauses the festive atmosphere will be created by DJ Toms Grēviņš.

Festival Procession – Parade of Rose Cars

As always, great emotions will be offered by the Festival procession. Traditionally it invites to participate companies, institutions, societies, groups of friends and all interesents. Festival procession will take place on Saturday with the motto “Rose Car Through All Times”. The procession traditionally will start from Šēsele Street (and the Market Square) and will move along Brīvības Square. The procession will end in Pauzera Meadow at the great stage, where during the “Rose Picnic” musicians already will have started their performances and will continue performing after the welcoming of the procession participants. Therefore each company and group of friends is encouraged to create rose cars as special ones – dedicated to Tukums and roses, demonstrating love and belonging to our city and region. Registration for the procession till July 16, filling the online form.

Activities for Children, as Well as for Lovers of Art, Literature and Outdoor Sports

On the Festival Saturday everybody is invited to the traditional Rose Festival market. Near Brīvības Square will be the venue of Smukumlietu tirdziņš (market of beautiful things), for which have been invited and invitations are already accepted by more than 100 different traders, craftsmen and handcraftsmen. Near Tukums ev. Lutheran Church will be the venue of Plant market, so that every private home owner could take home some nice young plants.

On the Festival Saturday in the city – on Harmonijas Street again will be organized the traditional and favoured among the Festival guests Artists Street, where different activities will be moderated by the region’s creative artists and their friends. But the courtyard of the new culture space “Tukku Magi” will invite the lovers of literature. Different publishing houses will participate, soloists and duets will perform music, creating calm and intimate atmosphere. “Tukums Literary Society” will offer a specially created program “Aizvāku fermentācija” (fermentation behind the covers).

On Saturday and Sunday in Pauzera Meadows will be the venue of inflatable attractions and demonstrations will be performed in Tukums skate park. But already on Friday night in Porziņģis basketball field, basketball competition “Rose Ball” will take place with the participation of municipality, entrepreneurs and other teams, but on Saturday near the great stage in Pauzera Meadows will be demonstrated “Green Trial” velo and moto show.

We invite to follow the Information about the Rose Festival in website if ywww.tukums.lv and Facebook page “Rožu svētki Tukumā”.

See you at the Rose Festival in Tukums!