WRC 2024 in Tukums | Practical Information

In 2024, one stage of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) will be held in Latvia for the first time — on Friday, 19 July, the fastest rally drivers will also take to the roads in the vicinity of Tukums.

It is expected that all rally participants will also drive through the city in a parade before progressing to the special stages, to delight the residents and visitors of Tukums. An official WRC press area and an area dedicated to fans will be set up in the town. On Friday evening, the opening programme of the Tukums Town Festival “See you in Tukums!” (Tiekamies Tukumā) is planned, with performances of various musicians and dancing.

How to get to Tukums?

If you are not from Tukums or are unfamiliar with the area, this information about how to get to Tukums will come in handy.

By car

Depending on where you are, you can reach Tukums as follows:

  • Riga–Tukums 67th km on the national road E22 (A10)
  • Kuldiga–Tukums 96th km on grade 1 roads P120 and P130 or the national road E22 (A10)
  • Liepaja–Tukums 168th km on the national road A9 and grade 1 road P104 or P98
  • Ventspils–Tukums 124th km on the national road E22 (A10)
  • Jelgava–Tukums 54th km on grade 1 road P98

By bus

Buses from Riga to Tukums run every two hours (operated by several public transport carriers). For information on departures and journey times, visit www.autoosta.lv or www.1188.lv

By train

Electric trains from Riga to Tukums run nearly every hour (carrier AS “Pasažieru vilciens”). For more information on departures and journey times, visit www.vivi.lv or www.1188.lv

By plane

Small aviation flyers can use the services of the airfield “Jurmala Airport” (about 5 km from Tukums), from where they can travel further to the town by taxi. Information about taxi services is available here — www.visittukums.lv/lv/Noderigi/Taksometri

Car hire in Tukums and Latvia

To hire a car for smaller and larger groups, we recommend FS Noma (Zemītes iela 13, Tukums, tel.: +371 29122000, www.fsnoma.lv).

Accommodation and dining

Tukums is located almost halfway between Riga, the first day of WRC 2024 in Latvia, and Liepaja, the last day. Therefore, we invite you to take advantage of the accommodation options in the Tukums vicinity during your trip around western part of Latvia while attending the WRC 2024 Rally. The Rally in Tukums will coincide with the celebrations of the Town Festival “See you in Tukums!”, which after a day filled with sporting excitement, will offer the enjoyment of cultural events.

More than 140 different types and levels of accommodation are available in and around Tukums — hotels and guest houses, holiday and farm houses, holiday villages and camp sites, including tent grounds. Information about accommodation can be found on our website here — "Where to stay?".

When choosing your accommodation, we also recommend to check out places to eat depending on your location during the rally. You can find useful information on our web page: Where to eat?".

You can request information about accommodation and other information at the Tukums Tourism Information Centre via e-mail tic@tukums.lv or by calling us at +371 28311557 or +371 63124451, or write us a message on Facebook.