Visit Creative Workshops in Tukums!

Have you tried using a loom and do you know, how fabric is made? You probably have tried it as a child and perhaps have made a milk bowl for your cat using a simple lump of clay. In the drawing classes, each one of us has thought of ourselves as a grand master, but are we still brave enough to try it again? And how about a nail you have forged yourself? Or perhaps you could try something else? This is why it is worth visiting the artists and artisans in the area of Tukums!

Artists and Restorers

Two artists are busy at the art workshop “Antīks” in Tukums: the furniture restorer Leons Čivlis and the painter Ingemāra Treija-Čivle. Here, you can examine the works of both artists and commission restoration of furniture built before 1950, painting of furniture, as well as building new furniture using antique parts. Interested parties can sign up for classes at the painting studio of Ingemāra.

The workshop of the artist Laila Kelle is set up in the guest house “Ružciems” near Lamiņi. The guest house is a gallery of her works. The artist has an extensive teaching experience and she gladly agrees to hold drawing and painting classes for the visitors to her guest house — both children and adults alike.

Ceramists and potters

Ceramic art is an old artisan tradition in the area of Tukums. Back in the day, the name of ceramics of Tukums was associated with the ceramist Jānis Krievs and his special glazing — the honey-tinted yellow and juicy bright green. But the fashion has changed, and today’s ceramists now even outside the city prefer the so-called black pottery, using glazing only for minor accents.

In Apšuciems, small groups are awaited by Ivars Grasis at his ceramic salon workshop “Grašu māja”. Here, hi makes black or smoked pottery items burnt to perfection in the open-fire furnace.

The ceramist of Tukums Velga Melne is now working at the Jaunpils Crafts House, but the owner of the Kandava ceramic furnace, the ceramist Linda Romanovska in her home garden will tell and show the visitors how from a small piece of clay you can create outstanding artwork.

Creative workshops

At the creative workshop “Ligzda” in Tukums each and every visitor can learn various crafts skills — knitting, decoupage, plastic modelling, silk and glass painting, sewing fabric toys. You can also buy handicrafts or make your own souvenir. 

At the Kandava Regional Crafts Centre, situated in the Kandava Regional Museum Building, visitors are welcome to indulge in creative activities. Here industriously working away and sharing their knowledge are handcrafters and seamstresses, ceramists and pottery painters, basket-makers and leatherworkers, wicker-workers and weavers, and, of course, masters of many other trades.

The creative workshop 7 Balles is situated between Tukums and Jaunpils and offers unusual creative activities: woodworking, candle-making, and nail-yarn pattern making, among others.

Whereas the Front-line Art Workshop offers to learn how 100 years ago the Latvian riflemen made interesting and practical items of ammunition cartridges, bullets and bomb splinters.

Wood-carvers and sculptors, blacksmiths, leather and straw workers

The wood crafting workshop “Koka dizaina centrs” near Tukums unites everyone who loves wood, offering to learn the basics of wood sculpting and the conservation and restoration of wooden items and structural elements. The wood sculptor Jānis Lasmanis also welcomes visitors to learn about the basics of wood carving and will gladly show and tell how to make a good object out of wood.

The sculptor Juris Neimanis is not only the author of the largest wooden spoon which is on display in the centre of Irlava, but he has even created a small sculpture garden at his home. When you reach Pūre, you will see several interesting stone sculptures. Their author is the local resident stone-carver Gatis Celitāns, who welcomes visitors to visit his workshop “Kaltakmens” next to the Chocolate Museum and to check out items made of Latvian boulders.

The blacksmith Gints Haņeckis in the vicinity of Tukums will unveil the secrets of the age-old craft of blacksmiths to amaze both grown-ups and children. The blacksmiths’ workshop “Decormetāls” in Tukums will also try to surprise you.

The leatherworker Andris Mihaļskis at his workshop “Andrii Art” will try to turn the guests into leatherworking masters, while at the Straw Workshop (Salmu darbnīca) of Tukums, you can not only examine the big mummy mushroom, the puss in boots or the golden dragon, but also have a go at creating sculptures of hay and straw.

Weavers and wicker workers

The Weavers’ Workshop operating at the Tukums Museumis an exciting and active endeavour. The Jaunpils Weavers’ Workshop, too, will introduce the guests with the Latvian cultural history legacy and preservation of ancient craftsmanship, by demonstrating the basics of weaving skills and showing their application today.

A newcomer - Pēteris Tutāns’ wicker worker workshop near Milzukalns hill, where the master will be welcoming everyone, who wishes to find out the secrets of the wicker working world.