Experience the magic of art by visiting exhibitions in Tukums vicinity

Tukums county invites art lovers and culture enthusiasts to visit different exhibitions in June to get a unique experience with the art works of local and international artists. By attending exhibitions you can enjoy wide variety of art forms and styles and also find out about the culture heritage of Tukums.

In museums of Tukums and its vicinity

  • The central artwork of the new exhibition in Tukums Art Museum is the newest piece of the museum, the painting by the outstanding Tukums resident Kārlis Neils (1906–1991), called “Gleznotāja darbnīcā” (1935) that was purchased in an auction by Tukums Museum from the classic art gallery “Antonija” this May. The exhibition shows works from Tukums Museum collection and loan From the National Art Museum of Latvia, Talsi County Museum and classic art gallery “Antonija". The exhibition is open from 8 June to 25 August. More information - www.tukumamuzejs.lv. Address: Tukums art Museum, Harmonijas St. 7, Tukums.
  • The final work exhibition of Tukums Art School graduates “The Creative Journey” can be attended in the Art Gallery “Durvis” until 5 July. The exhibition reveals students’ knowledge and skills learned in a 7-year programme. They have embedded emotions, tried different techniques – acrylic, ceramics, computer graphics, graphics – and materials like glass, plastic, clay in their works of art. The new artists have dared to experiment with abundance of colour shades thus proving their artistic skills. Thanks to teachers: Gunta Čivle, Zane Zauere, Velga Melne, Sigita Štenberga and Madara Kļaviņa. More information - www.tukumamuzejs.lv. Address: Brīvības Sq. 21, Tukums.
  • Exhibition “Changing Tukums” in Tukums Castle tower shows historical maps which clearly demonstrate not only the perception of world of the epoch but also the changing name of Tukums under different historical influences. The exhibition is open until 14 July. More information - www.tukumamuzejs.lv. Address: Brīvības Sq. 19a, Tukums.
  • Weavers workshop of Tukums offer an exhibition “The Making of Weavers in Tukums. The 50th anniversary of Weavers.” It was created by marking the 50th anniversary of TLMS “Durbe". In the exhibition you can look into a 50-years long history – from the very beginning to nowadays – and at the works the members of TLMS “Durbe”, and also at the exhibited items from the collection of Tukums Museum – the works of the weaving club of Tukums Art Museum from earlier times. More information - www.tukumamuzejs.lv. Address: Tidaholmas St. 3, Tukums.
  • Izjuma municipality’s exhibition “IZJUMA HEROES” can be visited in Kandava Local History Museum from 6 to 21 June.  Exhibition “Carnival and National Custom Masks” can be visited in Kandava Local History Mueum until 24 July. More information - www.kandava.lv. Address: Talsu St. 11, Kandava, Tukusm region.
  • Džūkste Fairy-tale Museum will exhibit the costumes from the newly staged rock opera “LĀČPLĒSIS”. The colourful costumes and sketches by costume artist Anna Muna (Dana Dombrovska) from the legendary rock opera “Lāčplēsis” by Zigmārs Liepiņš and Māra Zālīte. Even though recycled materials were mainly used for creating the garments with an emphasis on environmental considerations, the costumes are very splendid. The exhibition is available with a museum ticket, and it is free of charge for the preschool children. More information - www.tukumamuzejs.lv. Address: “Lanciņu skola”, Lancenieku, Džūkste parish, Tukums region.

In palaces and manors

  • Three exhibitions are arranged in Durbe Palace! Exhibition “ARTEFACTUM" will take you to the world of archaeology, national arts and artistic artefacts to be studied, and it is available for public until 3 November 2024. Exhibition “Letters from Siberia” emphasize the symbolic meaning of a birch and phenomenon of letter-writing as spiritual practice in captivity of Gulag camps and settlements in Siberia (1941-1965). Exhibition “Hunting Tales” in Durbe Palace offers the art works of outstanding artists of the 18th-20th century, such as J. H. Baumann, J. S. Becke and J. E. Riedinger which have not been gathered in one place outside the large museums so far. More information - www.tukumamuzejs.lv. Address: Durbe Palace, M.Parka St. 7, Tukums.
  • Šlokenbeka Manor showcases an exhibition of paintings of the abstract expressionism artist Anda_abstract “MANOR TALES” – covering the events taking place over the period of several centuries. Two halls with the artist's works have been arranged in former stable which is now renovated and still has its ancient ceiling outcrop. In the largest hall, by using special support solution, for the first time in manor's history you can view 8 large-scale works by ANDA_ABSTRACT on the ancient masonry walls. More information - www.slokenbeka.lv. Address: Šlokenbeka Manor, Milzkalne, Smārde parish, Tukums regions.
  • In Jaunmoku Palace Tower Hall you can visit a photo exhibition “With and About Birds” by an ornithologist and bird photographer Ēva Krēsla. The works of this personal exhibition are emotionally saturated, with unusual viewpoint of the photographer to reveal the moments from birds’ lives and bringing a special enjoyment of an opportunity not only to notice but also to truly see them. Meanwhile an exhibition in Forest Museum offers its novelty – 588 unique matchboxes with thematic of hunting and forestry and new animals. Another exhibition in the same building, in Freimaņa Hall, is named “Maksā ragā!” (non-translatable Latvian idiom meaning to collect a payment). More information - www.jaunmokupils.lv. Address: Jaunmoku Palace, Jaunmokas, Tume parish, Tukums region.
  • Jaunpils Castle Museum offers an exhibition of paintings “Summer Aromas” by Ingemāra Treija. The exhibition will be open for public until 30 July offering an opportunity to see artist's works, inspired by the bright summer colours, nature sceneries and magic of the warm season. More information - www.jaunpilspils.lv. Address: Jaunpils Castle, Jaunpils, Jaunpils parish, Tukums region.

In other culture establishments

  • You can unlock a story from paintings exhibited in Tukums Library as exhibition “You Know Me!" Address: Šēseles St. 3, Tukums.
  • Exhibition “Touching the Nature” by Elīna Gusāre in Engure Society House will be open for public between 9 June and 23 August. Address: Jūras St. 114, Engure, Engure parish, Tukums region.
  • In Lapmežciems Society House you can explore an exhibition of Jūrmala Artist Society plein air paintings – “Spring Bloom in Lapmežciems". Address: Liepu St. 2, Lapmežciems, Lapmežciems parish, Tukums region.
  • Slampe Culture Palace offers an exhibition of paintings “We Met in Spring” until 8 July. Works by Egils Neihofers, Slampe and Jaunbērze Painting Studio and Tukums artists are showcased in the exhibition. Address: Slampes Kultūras pils, Slampe, Slampe parish, Tukums region.
  • Irlava Culture House invites to visit an exhibition “Daring” by 11 talented inhabitants of Irlava: Alise Barkovska, Ralfs Goža, Alise Jēgere, Valters Erzams, Vita Bromulte, Aija Bromulte, Anete Bromulte, Kristīne Reihmane, Laila Švāne un Iveta Vasiļauska. The exhibition is open for public until the end of June. Address: “Svēteļi”, Irlava parish, Tukums region.
  • In Zante Culture House you can visit an exhibition “Feeling the Flower Power” by Sņežana Tišlere. Address: Skolas St. 6, Zante, Zante parish, Tukums region.

Enjoy art and culture in Tukums vicinity!