The Barefoot Trail


For those, who seek health, the Barefoot Trail created in 2012 will be a nice discovery and surprise. It contains the best of what was experienced in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, enhanced with the most characteristic features of our land, the area of Lake Valgums, river Slocene, and Ķemeri National Park. Smaller and bigger pebbles, boulders and millstones, moss, cones, sea sand, reeds, wood chips, a rough pine trunk, clay, refreshing river water… Rain-soaked soft grass, moist peat under spruces, gravel warmed up by the sun… All of that can be enjoyed on the lively walk barefooted. The more you let your feet feel, the better is the effect. After the walk along the 3 km long trail, the feet tingle pleasantly and are warm even on a cold day – the body literally feels energy flowing in and briskness taking over. After the walk, the owners offer to enjoy a footbath in flower water and drink herbal tea. The most suitable time for a visit – from May until September.

Entry fee

Entrance fee: adults 5 EUR, seniors and school children 4 EUR, small children - for free with parents.
Barefoot Trail and ritual: 10 EUR per person.

Contact information

„Valguma pasaule”, Smārde parish, Engure region


(+371) 63181222, 29414022