Since the ancient times, people have believed that mazes have a healing power. It is one of the most ancient symbols of humanity with a history of at least 3000 years. Each year new mazes are built around the world – we are seeking and creating strong places. In May 2010, the gothic maze was created at the recreation centre “Valguma pasaule”. To create the maze, the same drawing was used as the one found on the floor in the 13th century Chartres Cathedral in the Northern France. The only difference is the central design: in Chartres it is a sort of flower, but in the maze of “Valguma pasaule”, sometimes the sky can be seen! There is only one way to get to the centre of the maze, and it takes you there by itself. The maze is deceptively short: 11 circles, 28 bends, which a change of the direction once in a while, but never crossing paths, 390 metres in and the same going out. Spare some time for yourself! This is the place, where you can calm your mind and get closer to yourself.

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"Valguma pasaule", Smārde parish, Engure region


(+371) 63181222, 29414022