Jaunpils Castle


Jaunpils Castle initially was a knight manor, built as a water castle in 1301 during the times of the Livonian Order Master Gottfried von Roge, and from 1576 until 1920 it was owned by the von der Recke dynasty. The castle has been reconstructed on numerous occasions and over the time has suffered; however from the exterior the castle has maintained many of the features characteristic for the order castles – typically round corner tower, the ground floor of the castle without windows, and the thick walls.

Nowadays, the Jaunpils Castle hosts the cultural community centre and a museum, which invites the visitors to get acquainted with the castle in a medieval style along with the monk, brother Theodore, the brisk hostess Hilda, the castle love-song singer – minnesingers, and with other residents of the castle.

Castle hotel rooms are decorated in a wonderful medieval style, whereas the Medieval Festival is celebrated in August each year.

Entry fee

Entrance fee in Jaunpils Castle:
Starting from 5 EUR for individual visitors, 3 EUR/per person in group.
Visit for free - courtyard and surroundings of the castle.
Entrance fee in Jaunpils Museum:
0,71 EUR adults, 0,43 EUR students, pupil, seniors

Contact information

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Working time

M. - Su. 10:00 - 17:00


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