Were we not really convinced you with the photos to come to the village? Maybe video will help you make a decision anyway?! The authors of our video gallery are also professional filmmaking companies, Tukums themselves and ordinary travelers. Get to know and enjoy!

Tukums Roll and Rose Cocktail

Tukums was once a city of roses. Part of the city is the result of rose-breeder work. Even today, the rose is one of the symbols of Tukums, which is why the cocktail is called "Tukums Rose Cocktail". Its authors are the bartenders of the Mojito Club - Artis Šuspāns and Sandis Kanbergs. In search of Tukums taste, the new Tukums dish became a pork roll with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes in cherry sauce, created by Aija Rudovska, owner of the cafe "Apsīte". According to ancient Latvians, meat and bread are inseparable and they are strength and vitality. Cherry gardens are still surrounded by Tukums...