TT or Together in Tukums!

In order to make this summer more colourful, cheer up the residents of the town and municipality and, of course, our visitors, culture establishments of Tukums local government in cooperation with friends will offer a series of culture, art and recreation events “Together in Tukums” (TT or in Latvian - Tiekamies Tukumā), which will take place in our town and surroundings from July to September.

TT active

Events under brand TT active will welcome people at any age to play streetball, show their mastery in street dance battles, take a ride with a bicycle with the family, learn how to keep balance on SUP, run “Stirnu buks” trail run and learn something useful about healthy lifestyle.

July 18, 10 am - 5 pm “TukumuSmukumTaka” Town run - Pauzera meadows

July 24, 1 pm - 9 pm Summer Dance Battle - street dance competition and demonstrations — yard of Tukums 3rd Elementary School

July 25, 1 pm - 7 pm Ghetto football in Tukums - Pauzera meadows and Tukums Sports Hall

July 26, 12 pm - 6 pm 3x3 Tukums streetball stage II - Tukums Sports School, 74 Street Kuldīgas

August 8, 12 pm - 6 pm 3x3 Tukums streetball stage III - Tukums Sports School, 74 Street Kuldīgas

21 August, 3 pm - 8 pm 2x2 Tukums streetball stage IV - Tukums Sports School, 74 Street Kuldīgas

August 29, 3 pm - 6 pm Sports and Health Festival - Pauzera meadows

TT classic

MT classic will welcome all those inspired by beautiful music to concerts in the courtyard of Durbe Palace, Tume Culture Centre and other locations, performed by wonderful artists, such as Evija Martinsone, Agnese Egliņa, Guntis Kuzma, Tenoru trio and LNOB orchestra musicians, Mikus Abaroniņš and Dārta Tisenkopfa, Gunta Gelgote, Herta Hansena, Ilona Meija and others.

July 16 at 7 pm Conversations with Harp - at Tume Culture Centre

August 1 at 7 pm Chamber music in Durbe Palace - courtyard of Durbe Palace

August 29 at 7 pm "Arrivederci Roma" opera music concert - courtyard of Durbe Palace

September 3 at 7 pm "Evening Song" chamber music concert - Tume Culture Centre

TT smile

TT smile will bring about smiles and invite the small inhabitants of Tukums to three educational gnome activities in the Town Park where they can play with friends in “Smile Workshop” and try to find out — what is it? and to be carried away in a jolly good dance.

July 29, 5 pm - 6 pm Open your smile! Expedition - Town Park

August 26, 5 pm - 6 pm Open your smile! in dance whirpool - Town Park

TT vertical

TT vertical will invite to delve deeper in our personal verticals together with Tukums Evangelical Lutheran Church, Tukums Museum, Vestards Šimkus as well as travel to Medieval times to mark the 575th anniversary of Tukums hamlet and the 25th anniversary of Tukums History Museum “Pils tornis”.

July 18, 12 pm - 6 pm "Journey to Medieval times" the 575th anniversary of Tukums hamlet, the 25th anniversary of museum “Pils Tornis” - Brīvības Square

July 18 at 6 pm "Medieval Summer" festive concert - Tukums Evangelical Lutheran Church

July 18, 12 pm - 6 pm Treasures of Tukums. Artefacts and art objects in Tukums Evangelical Lutheran Church and Local scenes from Tukums town in Art Gallery “Durvis” - in Brīvības square

From July 18, Tukums Ev. Luth. Church tower clock melodies - Tukums town centre

August 2 at 8 pm "Being" concert story - courtyard of Jaunmoku Palace

August 14 at 7 pm solo concert of guitar player Mārcis Auziņš - Tukums Ev. Luth. Church

TT chill

TT chill’o will gather everyone to enjoy the warm summer evenings and to chill together with Igo, Kristīne Prauliņa, Dzelzs vilks, Sestā Jūdze and others.

July 12 at 5 pm Igo. The most beautiful songs - courtyard of Durbe Palace

July 17 at 9 pm Concert of rock band Dzelzs Vilks - Pauzera meadows

July 18 at 9 pm Concert of Triānas Parks - Pauzera meadows

July 19 from 11 am Garden Festival in “Rozītes” - Sēme county, "Rozītes"

July 25 at 8 pm Kristīne Prauliņa and band The Soulful Crew - at Sports Hall

August 7 at 8 pm Anniversary concert of band "Sestā jūdze" - in Durbe open-air stage

August 15 at 8 pm Open-air concert. Karīna Tatarinova, Maija Doveika and accompanying band - at Sports Hall

August 22 at 9 pm Aija Vītoliņa and Tango Sin Quinto - at Sports Hall

TT cinema

TT cinema for cinema gourmands will offer five open-air cinema evenings in the Town Park where they can watch globally awarded motion pictures in collaboration with Kino Punkts and Kino Bize.

July 11 at 10.30 pm Open-air cinema "Magic Nights" - Town Park

July 25 at 10.30 pm Open-air cinema "Virtuous woman + sex and USSR" - Town Park

August 8 at 10.30 pm Open-air cinema "Sausage Dog" - Town Park

August 15 at 10.30 pm Open-air cinema "Never Ending Poetry" - Town Park

August 22 at 10.30 pm Open-air cinema "Sunset" - Town Park

TT colours

TT colours will paint the summer together with Tukums’ artists and will invite to participate in the town's plein air painting, porcelain workshop, create extraordinary costumes, watch a fashion show, meet musicians in town streets, bring back to life old masters’ works from Tukums Art Museum and to discover creative surprises among ourselves on the TT free stage.

August 1 and 15, 1 pm - 3 pm; 5 pm - 7 pm "Rožnīca" Porcelain and jewellery workshop - Durbe Palace

August 8 from 12 pm Artists' street. Performance "Live Paintings", untamed fashion show, street artists, plein air painting and TT free stage - Harmonijas Street

August 8, 11 am - 4 pm Place for inspiration. Exhibition by Leonīds Āriņš and Aleksejs Naumovs "At the Sunny Side" and one day exposure of old masters’ works - 7 Harmonijas Street


What to do? Do not to miss the events and follow the website of the series of events at Facebook — Together in Tukums! And then let's be...

Together in Tukums in summer of 2020!